Blue Day

Blue Day

Blue is the colour of the sky and sea. It is Often associated with depth and stability. Blue symbolizes trust,loyalty, confidence and truth. In order to emphasize the importance of blue colour ,Anjuman -I-Islam school celebrated blue colour day for pre-primary kid on 7th September 18 .The tiny -tots of pre-primary came dressed in different shades of blue. They carried their favorite blue color object and enjoyed activities like palm painting with blue n also coloured doremon,ball & kite with colour blue. We all teachers along with the children celebrate blue day & also enjoyed the day.

Teacher Day

Teacher Day

We celebrate Teachers’ day every year on 5th September. Students express their gratitude and appreciation for their teachers on this day.
It was an auspicious day for students, to celebrated teachers’ Day which marks the birth of the great teacher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishan. Teachers’ day celebration began as the students presented gifts, as a token of respect, to their teachers to make them feel how important they really are to the student Games were conducted for the teachers and prizes were distributed to the winners .Soon after the games, food was served for the full staff.All the teachers, staff members were honoured with a token of love in a form of gift by our principal maam. All the teacher had a wonderful and enjoyable evening .Teacher’s Day made every teacher feel special and humble.

Independence Day

Independence Day

This year on 15th August, 2018, Our beloved motherland, India, completed 70 years of independence. On this day, Our school, Anjuman-I-Islam had organized a memorable event. An event was started by hoisting our national tricolour flag, followed by a parade by our children ,first primary then secondary .The theme of our Independence day was based on “HUMANITY”. Audience were also enjoyed the event and they too motivated the children with claps and cheers.
. Our    principal, Mrs. Rahiya Baig, Mr. Iqbal Kaware sir, Mr Hasan Wangde sir were escorted by school band from primary &secondary section .To commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, the chief guest hoisted our tri coloured flag and all sang the National Anthem unanimously expressed   the joy for our freedom .
. The celebration ended with vote of thanks. All the staff members were present at the occasion.



Orange Day





On14 August 18. Our pre-primary section celebrated  orange day. All our children were inform to bring orange colour object and  to wear orange coloured dress .

Childen were looking very energetic & joyful in orange colour outfit. Teacher from our section decorate their class with orange coloured object . We showed them different object of orange colour like rising sun, orange, ball etc.

orange colour symbolizes and enthusiasm.

Children did many classroom activities using orange colour as it was theme. The children also learnt various other things about the orange colour like our tricoloured flag consists orange colour which means strength&courage

We all of us enjoyed the celebration along with our tiny tots.






Inter Anjuman Competition 18-19

Alhamdulillah we bagged following prizes at Inter Anjuman Competition

(Primary Section)

Craft (Grp 2)-

Khan Iqra–1st prize



3rd prize.

(Grp 3)

Fuzail Shaikh  &  Shaikh Chandni –2nd Prize

Qirat (Grp 2)-

Ansari Mohd Bilal– 1st Consolation prize

(Grp3)-Bhagad Fatima-2nd prize Fancy Dress (Grp 2)-

Khan Durafsha–1st Consolation

(Pre-Primary Section)

Fancy Dress(Grp 1)-

Ansari Hameera–1st Prize

Mehrunnisa Uddin-2nd Consolation
Drawing grp 1-
Shaikh Tasmiya 3rd prize
Craft (Grp 1) -Paper folding

Khan Riba–2nd Consolation Prize .

Craft (Grp 1) -Paper folding

2nd consolation. Mantasa Begum

We thank their parents for their support and

co ordination

Inter anjuman Competition

An Inter and man competition was organised by Anjuman group of school on 6/10/18 at Vegum sharifa kalsekar school. All the schools of Anjuman had participated in this competition. Drawing competition, craft competition, fancy dress competition and qirat competition took place on the same day. All the students from 1st -4th Std had participated in the competition as per the students group.
  Group   /Drawing     /craft       /fancy

1-Pre-primary/ Thumb  /Paper  /Fairy tales  / Painting.  /Folding  /  character

2- 1&2 Std    /Alphabet  /card /community Object Making  helpers  Drawing

3- 3&4 Std   /Poster/paper/  —— making on /  quiling  /     ‘Plastic is Dangerous’

A proper circular was sent by the organizer school. A prior notice of rules and regulations was given to the students as well as to the teachers. All the students participated enthusiastically and gave their best in the competition. Following are the students who loon the competition.

Group 2

Khan Duraksha -1st consolation               

Khan Ummulvara – 3rd               

Khan Iqra – 2nd               

Shaikh Fuzail – 2nd                       

Shaikh Chandani – 2nd