Germination & Plantation on Green Day

Germination & Plantation on Green Day

Plantation and Germination was a concept that was introduced to the children of pre-primary section.On this day we also celebrated green day. All students came dressed in color green. The activity decided by the teacher to celebrate green day in the form of tree plantation day.

The main motto of making them introduce this beautiful concept was to help them to become nature friendly and make them understand the life cycle of a plant.

Tree Plantation and Germination day was held on 13 July-18.The teachers gave a practical knowledge to the students, on the life process of a plant .Each and every student was given an opportunity to experience this wonderful process.

The teacher step-by-step explained the method of germination .The students took part with a lot of enthusiasm and interest in this beautiful and knowledgeable event.

Parent’s and teacher’s meeting

 Parent’s and teacher’s meeting

Our school organized a parents meeting which was held on Thursday, 19 July-18 for and on20th JULY -18 for the Nursery &Jr.Kg The meeting was held in their respective classroom.The parents meeting of Nursery & Junior Kg section was held in the morning session, whereas, the Senior Kg section was taken in the afternoon.

Teachers greeted all the parents with warm welcome .All the teacher introduced themselves to parents. The syllabus of this academic year (2018-19) was discussed with the parents. Maximum parents attended this meeting. The teacher explained the parents how to go about with the studies and activities of their children and overall school evaluation.

Each teacher showed about the rule and regulation of school their homework , their neatness and about the personal hygiene. The parents were very elegant & co-operative & the meeting was a great success.

The parents were very gracious & co-operative the meeting was a great success.

Chocolate Day


As chocolate is loved by every children in the world

Anjuman –I-Islam pre-primary kids of Nursery, & celebrated chocolate day on 20th June 18 .

The day began with a distribution of chocolate which leads to create soothing atmosphere for social interaction among children and teachers. Students brought their favorite chocolate and had great fun with their friend. The joy of celebrating chocolate day with their classmates was seen on the gleaming faces as the tiny tots bid goodbye for the day with blissful memories.

. Children were given chocolates to kindle memories of one more year of their early childhood lives.

. It is the day which spreaded sweetness sharing chocolate among classmates.