Drawing Competition

REPORT ON THE DRAWING COMPETITION Thursday, 29th of NOVEMBER 2017 was a colorful day for our Kindergarten children. To bring out the creativity and the artistic talents among  the children, drawing competition was held in their respective class room .They all were in colorful mood but what added more color to it was their participation. It was indeed a very successful event and a memorable one too as all our children proudly displayed their works happily .The judges were our teachers from the Art Department and they told that it would be difficult  for them  to judge the wonderfully created masterpieces because every participant is equally good and so every participant are winner We waited for their results but as it was a competition we have to conclude with the ranks  so we declared the winner of this day .The results was as follow  :– Nursery  1st :- Zabir Karwatkar     2nd :-Shabeeha Khan     3rd :-Hameera Ansari

JrkgA       1st:-Pal Adharash 2nd:-Khan Mohd Ammar   3rd :-Sayed Ayat Zehra

Jr.Kg B      1st  :-Shaikh Mehtab  2nd  :-Shaikh Mantasa   3rd :   :-Khan Naida

Jr.Kg C     1st  :-Ansari Sadiya     2nd :-Ansari Ifra Anam    3rd :  :-AnsariAsma

Sr.Kg A     1st  :-Hamdulay Iqra  2nd :-patel Aashabi  3rd :-RayanNashra Banoo

Sr.Kg B     1st :-Syeda Aiyza Anjum   2nd   :-Shaikh Neha      3rd : :- Khan Munira

Sr.Kg C    1st :-Khan Iqra    2nd  :-Patil Shrusti   3rd :  :-Shaikh Masira





The English Recitation Competition of pre-primary was held on 14.07.18 on the school terrace. All the children who participated in this competition came prepared with different rhymes of their choice with different themes and actions .Each child was given a chance to recite a rhyme and it was a delight to hear these little ones singing rhymes in rhythm.

The parameters for judging the children were expression , voice modulation , pronunciation and action. Two judges were invited to judge our tiny tots. They were Ms.Vijya Surve and Ms. misba.  They appreciated and applauded the performance of the participants. Overall the participant showed their confidence, expression & talent in the competition & enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Result forNursery, Jr.Kg&Sr.Kg  as follows :-

Nursery:–Ansari Hameera 1st Position

Laiba Fatima Kasur 2nd  Position

Yusuf Ansari 3rd Position


Jr.Kg:-    Uddin Maheronnisa        1st Position

Khan   Zara                     2nd Position

Siddique Mantasha andShaikh Mariyam      3rd Position


Sr.kg:—–Shaikh Daraksha                                     1st Position

Hamdulay Iqra                  2nd Position

Rayan Nashra Bano                            3rd Position


Vachan Prerana Divas

If you read,you learn this proverb indicated the importance of learning,learning is important for over all development of children. 15 october is known as APJ Abul Kalam birth anniversary .It is also celebrated as Maharashtra  Reading day, from last two years this day is celebrated with lot of energy in india.

We celebrated Maharashtra reading day on 13th october 2017 in our school.principal Mrs.Rahiya Baig gave an enthusiastic  speech full of guidance and motivation to students. One of our teachers Miss Sadaf gave a brief knowledge on how and what should be done while reading such as pronunciation,full stop,coma,exclamation  mark,while reading how this grammatical instruments make difference in it.Sayra Miss our deeniyat teacher she gave historical refrence to read and write and why it should be done n regular basis.
After such motivations speeches students gave promise that they will read atleast one page per day.



It was a fun filled day for the tiny tots of Anjuman School as they celebrated ‘Pink Color Day’ on Friday (23.02.18) with great enthusiasm. Color plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Teachers started the session by introducing and informing children about the pink colour they observe in their day to day life. All the children were informed to wear pink colour dresses. The students and teachers were dressed in pink attire. Children were looking very energetic & fresh in vibrant pink colour outfits. . All of us along with the children celebrated pink day & enjoyed the day and had lots of fun.