Give me,  Allah
a sincere love for my students,
and deep respect for each one’s unique gifts,
Help me to be a faithful and devoted teacher,
with my eyes on the good of those I serve.
May I impart knowledge humbly,
listen attentively,
collaborate willingly,
and seek the lasting good of those I teach.
May I be quick to understand,
slow to condemn.
Eager to affirm and to forgive.
while I teach ideas and give training in skills,
May my life and my integrity
open minds and hearts to the truth.
May my warm-hearted interest in each one
give them a zest for life and passion for learning.
Give me the strength to admit my limitations,
the courage to start each day with hope,
and the patience and humour I need in my teaching.
I accept each student from yoürhands.

I believe that everyone of them
is a person of unique worth,
even when they themselves do not see it.
I know that I have the opportunity
to bring light and hope.
a sense of mission and purpose
to many young lives.
I believe that you believe in me,
and you stand by me.
I seek your blessing
as I start another day.
I ask you to bless me and my students,
and our dreams and hopes.

May we learn from the wisdom of the past.
May we learn from life and from one another.
May we above all
learn from your guidance
and from the lives of those who know you best.
For this true learning:
to know life as it should be live.
to know ourselves as we truly are
and to hear your voice in every word we learn.