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Drawing is one of the most creative methods to express ones thoughts and feelings. To make our children grow and find out their talents and interests, we teacher organised  a drawing competition in our school, at Anjuman-I-Islam.

The drawing competition was held on 20 March, 2019 in the pre-primary section. The children showed a lot of enthusiasm and interest in colouring their respective drawings. Our children filled their papers with their colours of imagination.

They showed their beautiful creativity and their imagination through this competition .At the end, all the children enjoyed a lot by playing with their imagination through blooming colours

Yellow Day

 Life without feasts and celebrations is charm less and lifeless

So keeping this in mind we celebrated ‘Yellow day’ in a fun manner in our school on 5 april. The children and the teachers were dressed in yellow coloured attire. Some children also got yellow colour objects from home. The motive of celebrating this yellow colour day was to make the children aware of yellow colour, its significance.Yellow- the colour of wisdom and intellectual energy had a positive influence on our tender tots.” It is the colour of optimism and cheerfulness. Yellow is also the colour of bright sunshine that symbolizes a blissful beginning. All the children were dressed in different shades of yellow. Teachers started the session by introducing and informing children about the yellow colour they observe in their day to day life. The children enjoyed the day and went back home with a lot of knowledge about colour Yellow.


An ‘English Handwriting Competition was organized at ANJUMAN .I .ISLAM’S .A.A.K VASHI on 22 MARCH 19 forSR.KG students – . The main objective of this competition was to encourage the little ones to improve their writing skills. The competition was organized in their respective classrooms. It was compulsory for all the kid to participate in hand writing competition and all kids participated in the same. The response of the students was very encouraging. The closely contested competition presented a challenging task for the teachers to judge the winners. The best three entries from each section were awarded with certificate and gift of appreciation .

Inter-anjuman Football tournament

 “A lion doesn’t concern n himself with the opinions of the sheep”.

 There was Inter Anjuman Football tournament held in our school for girls and boys on 19th January 2019. Students of standard 3rd and 4th participated in the competition. It was a tough match between the school. The match was full of excitement.

All of them were equally strong and showed their excellent skills and performance.   

One of our chief guest Ms Ruhi encouraged the students. She encouraged the students for their laudable performances.

You can overcome anything, if and only if you love something enough.   

All are winners but, competition is a competition….then the the prize distribution ceremony took place and the prizes were honoured by our chief guests to the students.

* Boys u/12 – Khan MD Ali Hashmi ( Best player).
* Girls – Shaikh Sanjida Sohel ( Best goalkeeper). 

NMASA Football Talent Hunt

 Mumbai city Football club (FC) had teamed up with Navi Mumbai Area School Association (NMASA) to launch the first ever grassroot football league on 7th and 8th January 2019 The tournament had over 150 teams from different schools associated with the NMASA competing in U-8, U-10, U-12 and U-14 age categories at Father agnel sport complex vashi. This was a grassroot initiative taken by Mumbai city FC to bring the best out of the city’s youngster’s. Our school boy’s participated with lots of enthusiasm in the mentioned tournament. 

Inter-anjuman sports competitions

 Inter Anjuman sports competitions were organised by the Anjuman group of school on 22nd December 2018. All the students participated with great enthusiasm. A great interest was observed among the students and guardians. There was a lots of excitement and  frolicsome atmosphere. There were many sports events like cricket, langdi and karate. In the karate competition our children bagged three medals. Ms Meher bagged the 1st prize followed by Mst Rehan and Mst Hamid with two bronze medals. Also our school secured the 2nd place in the cricket competition and Mst Dinesh rathod was declared the man of the match and Ansari arsalaan sixer.

 In langdi, both our boys and girls team won the prize! We also won 2nd position in cricket Rathod Dinesh was announced the man of the match. 

All India Deeniyat Competition

 The status of women as defined by Islam is ‘ The woman is a mother and it is said that Paradise lies under her feet’. A woman is a daughter, sister and a wife. A woman makes up half of the society and they are responsible for the nurturing, guidance and reformation of the subsequent generations. It is the female who I’m biles principles and faith in the souls of the nation.

All India Deeniyat Competition was held on 15th December 2019 at Allana English primary school CST. To enlighten the importance of women in Islam as the topic of the competition was given ‘ Women’s role in reformation of the society’. There was essay writing and elocution competition in English and Urdu. Ms Vijaya from AAK vashi made us proud by securing the second position in English essay writing competition. Our teachers also participated in the Quiz competition on Surah An Nisa, Surah Aal-e- imraan and Surah Mariyam. Through various interesting and interesting rounds, the knowledge of the participants was tested in the Quiz. The competitions were judged by a panel of experienced judges.

Measles and rubella vaccination campaign at Anjuman-I-Islam AAK school.

The Maharashtra government has kicked off a vaccination drive to protect the children of the age group of 9 months to 15 years from Measles and Rubella. The campaign aims to approximately cover 41 crores children. Measles and Rubella are infectious viral diseases. Vaccines help us to prevent the spread of contagious, dangerous and even deadly diseases.

On 31st October 2018, parents meeting for rubella and measles was held in the school. Doctors for NMMC guided and solved the queries of the parents and made them understand the significance of the vaccination.

On 10th December 2018 children, accompanied by their parents were vaccinated by the NMMC doctors. The teachers and the staff members participated actively by guiding the parents and helping the doctors.

The campaign was successfully completed in a peaceful manner. Finally, the doctors were felicitated by the principal Madam Rahiya Baigh.

Inter Anjuman Kho-kho tournament

All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us can have an equal opportunity to develop our talents. Kho-kho ranks as one of the most popular traditional sports in India. like all Indian games, it is simple, inexpensive and enjoyable. It does, however, demand physical fitness, strength speed and stamina and a certain amount of ability. Dodging, feinting and burst of controlled speed make this game quite thrilling. To catch pursuit- to chase, rather than just run – is the capstone of kho- kho. The game develops qualities such as obedience, discipline, sportsmanship, and loyalty between team members.

Anjuman is a shinning example of the amount of effort and commitment. Our educators put efforts towards providing students with the best possible opportunities in their early sporting lives. Our students have excelled on the sporting field and many have been rewarded by gaining selection in various sports competitions sports play a major role in shaping the personality of a child.

Getting on the way on Inter-anjuman kho-kho competition was organised at Anjuman-I- Islam Allana English school CST at the school on 1st December 2018. Our school also participated to the playground. All the students and teachers cheered their players and teams. It was a very exciting match. All the players put their best efforts to make their team Victorious. Anjuman AAK khatkhatay vashi was emerged as the winner of the event by defeating other schools. 

The winner team and the participants teams were cheered by the staff and students as well.

Constitution day celebration

The Constitution of India is the supreme law of India. It frames fundamental political princiles, procedures, practices, rights powers and duties of the government. The world’s longest Constitution is the India’s Constitution. At it commencement,it had 395 articles in 22 parts and 8 schedules. It consists of approximately 145,000 words, making it second largest active Constitution in the world. Currently, it has a preamble, 25 parts with 12 schedules, 5 appendices, 448 articles and 101 amendments.

Our principal Rahiya Baigh decided to celebrate this Constitution day in our school. On 26th November, at the time of assembly. Pooja miss gave an amazing speech on importance of Constitution. The Constitution places the government’s power in the hands of the citizens and Raniya miss had a word on role of our constitution. At the end Iram miss involved all the students by her speech and asked few questions to them on Constitution day.

 In this way we celebrated Indian Constitution day in our school.