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 “Anjuman – I – Islam’s” have completed it’s 145 years. To celebrate this day Cultural Programme was organized at Shanmukanand Hall at sion on 28th August 2019. Mr.Vidya Sagar was the chief guest of this event. All the committee members and chairpersons attented the programme including the principals too attended the same.         Students from all over branches of Anjuman – I – Islam participated enthusiastically in the event.      Our school performed a dance and the tribute was given to Dilip Kumar Sir.       The president of Anjuman I Islam Mr. Zahir Kazi gave a motivational speech and other dignitaries also mentioned their valuable words.
    Vote of thanks was given by president sir Mr. Zahir Kazi.

yoga day

      "Yoga is that journey which takes you to your real self, to your soul, through your own self."

      Since it's inception in the year 2015, June 21st is celebrated as the International day of yoga all over the world. This idea was proposed by our Prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi.
       "Yoga is an invaluable gift of India's ancient tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment."
       International Yoga -Day was celebrated by teachers and students at Anjuman-I-islam Abdul Azim Khatkhatay English Primary School with great enthusiasm. Students of grade 3&4 demonstrated various asanas followed by our P.T sir Shrinivas. Warm-up exercises were taken and all the students performed sitting and standing asanas, importance of these were explained simultaneously by Mubashira Miss. She encouraged students to practice regular yoga to remain fit and improve concentration.

Our students promised to practice at least one asan every day

welcome school

We had the pleasure of welcoming our students to the first day on 17th June 2019. All the teachers were happy to meet their new students. A week before prior instructions were given to the teachers. As per the standard wise, teacher decorated her classroom to welcome their children.

A notice board and blackboards were decorated by each teacher. An inspirational slogan and quotes were written on the notice board to motivate the child. To make a day cheerful, various games were played in the classroom to create interest among the students. The teacher explained the classroom rules, expectations and procedures were discussed in their respective classroom and an idea of what the rest of the year would be like. A day was ended by distributing chocolates in the classroom.

Assembly in the remembrance of our beloved soldier

On 1 July we hosted an assembly in the remembrance of our beloved soldier Abdul Hamid. He was born on 1 July 1933 he was an Indian army who posthumously received India’s highest military decoration the Param Vir Chakra, for his actions during the Indo-Pak of 1966. We, teachers, we’re proud to introduce our brave soldier to the students. They were excited to know about him. The assembly was containing two speech in English and Marathi which was given by Iram Miss and Pooja Miss.

Our students were very inspired by Abdul Hamid and his work.

Assembly in the remembrance of our beloved soldier

ANNUAL DAY – 12th MARCH 2019

We English primary & pre primary celebrated our Annual function on 12t MARCH 2019. The theme for this year was ‘SPORT PERSONALITY. The chief guest of this function was Mr. Burhan Harris Executive Chairman board for Navi Mumbai, Mrs. Salma Lokhandwala director of education Anjuman-I-Islam,  Mr. Iqbal kaware committee member .The programme commenced by a Dua recited by primary students. The inaugural ceremony with Anjuman –e- tarana.The Principal of our school Mrs. Rahiya Baig welcomed & thanked the guest for their presence & set the programme rolling. The tiny tots of the school presented their fountain of talents by dancing & enacting  on the song based on sport personalities .Our school report was presented in P.P.T foams by Shaista miss and Iram miss. The Executive chairman for board of Navi Mumbai Mr. Burhan Harris & the managing committee members gave  the prizes to the students who did well in their studies & co-curricular activities.

Mrs. Shaikh Shagufta ,pre-primary teacher bagged the Best teacher award of 2018-19.The programme rose to a final crescendo with the grand finale  & ended in a beautiful resonance lingering in the minds of everyone. It was a pleasure of the school to be with the esteemed presence of the personalities Principal Mrs. Rahiya Baig extended her gratitude to all who have contributed with their constructive suggestion to make this function a great gala.


An ‘English Handwriting Competition was organized at ANJUMAN .I .ISLAM’S .A.A.K VASHI on 22 MARCH 19 forSR.KG students – . The main objective of this competition was to encourage the little ones to improve their writing skills. The competition was organized in their respective classrooms. It was compulsory for all the kid to participate in hand writing competition and all kids participated in the same. The response of the students was very encouraging. The closely contested competition presented a challenging task for the teachers to judge the winners. The best three entries from each section were awarded with certificate and gift of appreciation .

Recitation competition

Recitation competition was held on 13 February from Nursery to SR KG .As we all know, poems are a meant for  enjoyment. Poem is a realm of the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme and rhythm .Taking all the facts into consideration the children got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence. The judges were invited to witness the competition. They were Miss. Vijaya surve and Miss Iram for Nursery and Jr Kg and Mrs .Asmara miss and Mrs Heena Miss for. Sr Kg .They appreciated and applauded the performance of the participants and the children enjoyed the competition. Such activities should be organized to enhance the confidence and energy level among the children


Sports day was organized in our school on February 19,2019 .Our tiny tots participated in various sports events. All the children were divided into different age groups .There were 3 events all together i.e. Running race, Fruit race,  & Swacch bharat race  for Jr.Kg & Nursery and Running race , Book balancing & Ready to school for

Children were excited & anxious on that day. Sport at preprimary level is not about competition but it  is about having fun, being physically active, and learning the basics of sports & building co-ordination & motor skills.

At the end of the day, winners were announced. Three students were selected from each group. Our principal madam Rahiya Baig felicitated them with medals and certificates. We all including kids enjoyed the day.


Drawing is one of the most creative methods to express ones thoughts and feelings. To make our children grow and find out their talents and interests, we teacher organised  a drawing competition in our school, at Anjuman-I-Islam.

The drawing competition was held on 20 March, 2019 in the pre-primary section. The children showed a lot of enthusiasm and interest in colouring their respective drawings. Our children filled their papers with their colours of imagination.

They showed their beautiful creativity and their imagination through this competition .At the end, all the children enjoyed a lot by playing with their imagination through blooming colours

Yellow Day

 Life without feasts and celebrations is charm less and lifeless

So keeping this in mind we celebrated ‘Yellow day’ in a fun manner in our school on 5 april. The children and the teachers were dressed in yellow coloured attire. Some children also got yellow colour objects from home. The motive of celebrating this yellow colour day was to make the children aware of yellow colour, its significance.Yellow- the colour of wisdom and intellectual energy had a positive influence on our tender tots.” It is the colour of optimism and cheerfulness. Yellow is also the colour of bright sunshine that symbolizes a blissful beginning. All the children were dressed in different shades of yellow. Teachers started the session by introducing and informing children about the yellow colour they observe in their day to day life. The children enjoyed the day and went back home with a lot of knowledge about colour Yellow.