Inter-anjuman sports competitions

 Inter Anjuman sports competitions were organised by the Anjuman group of school on 22nd December 2018. All the students participated with great enthusiasm. A great interest was observed among the students and guardians. There was a lots of excitement and  frolicsome atmosphere. There were many sports events like cricket, langdi and karate. In the karate competition our children bagged three medals. Ms Meher bagged the 1st prize followed by Mst Rehan and Mst Hamid with two bronze medals. Also our school secured the 2nd place in the cricket competition and Mst Dinesh rathod was declared the man of the match and Ansari arsalaan sixer.

 In langdi, both our boys and girls team won the prize! We also won 2nd position in cricket Rathod Dinesh was announced the man of the match.