Inter-anjuman Football tournament

 “A lion doesn’t concern n himself with the opinions of the sheep”.

 There was Inter Anjuman Football tournament held in our school for girls and boys on 19th January 2019. Students of standard 3rd and 4th participated in the competition. It was a tough match between the school. The match was full of excitement.

All of them were equally strong and showed their excellent skills and performance.   

One of our chief guest Ms Ruhi encouraged the students. She encouraged the students for their laudable performances.

You can overcome anything, if and only if you love something enough.   

All are winners but, competition is a competition….then the the prize distribution ceremony took place and the prizes were honoured by our chief guests to the students.

* Boys u/12 – Khan MD Ali Hashmi ( Best player).
* Girls – Shaikh Sanjida Sohel ( Best goalkeeper).