All India Deeniyat Competition

 The status of women as defined by Islam is ‘ The woman is a mother and it is said that Paradise lies under her feet’. A woman is a daughter, sister and a wife. A woman makes up half of the society and they are responsible for the nurturing, guidance and reformation of the subsequent generations. It is the female who I’m biles principles and faith in the souls of the nation.

All India Deeniyat Competition was held on 15th December 2019 at Allana English primary school CST. To enlighten the importance of women in Islam as the topic of the competition was given ‘ Women’s role in reformation of the society’. There was essay writing and elocution competition in English and Urdu. Ms Vijaya from AAK vashi made us proud by securing the second position in English essay writing competition. Our teachers also participated in the Quiz competition on Surah An Nisa, Surah Aal-e- imraan and Surah Mariyam. Through various interesting and interesting rounds, the knowledge of the participants was tested in the Quiz. The competitions were judged by a panel of experienced judges.