Teacher’s day celebration

Teacher’s day, a day for teacher, we can call it a ‘special day’. Teacher’s day is celebrated all over the world. And so did our school. We teacher’s were excited but the excitement of our children were reaching the sky’s. They were so excited to see us, to wish us and give their gifts as a token of love. All teacher’s were dressed too well. The epic part of teacher’s day was all teacher’s had their replica, and they were looking amazing and they did a great job. We teacher’s had also planned surprise for principal ma’am and the smile on ma’am s face made the day more beautiful. We also had delicious and tasty food sponsored by ma’am. We also played games like kho-kho, Musical chair, Bomb in the city, lemon and spoon. The child caged in everybody we’re set free that time the fun we had was unforgettable. We also got gifts from ma’am which was very amazing, finally want to say ‘Proud to be a teacher’.
“If there were no teacher’s, all other profession’s would not exist”.